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DIY Ombré Pink Drink

Starbucks just came out with the Ombré Pink Drink and I knew I HAD to make it at home! It’s so tasty and refreshing. The best part, perhaps, is the simple ingredients!

Homemade Starbucks Ombre Pink Drink recipe

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DIY Ombré Pink Drink

I saw Starbucks’ new Ombré Pink Drink on Instagram and knew I HAD to make a homemade version! Unlike macchiatos or lattes, you don’t need any fancy equipment. This drink is REALLY easy to make.

Not only is it seriously GORGEOUS, the Ombré Pink Drink tastes amazing. Passion tea + lime + coconut milk = my new favorite flavor combination. All you need need is a handful of ingredients and 5 minutes (minus the tea-brewing time.)

Starbucks Ombre Pink Drink recipe ingredients

First, brew your tea. I brew a big batch ahead of time. The best tea to use for this recipe is Tazo Passion Tea – because that’s the tea that Starbucks uses! You can use any tea that brews pink though.

When your tea is chilled, mix the coconut milk with some lime juice. You can also stir in your sweetener of choice if you like a sweet drink. For an alcoholic version, add some coconut rum!

The trick to creating an ombre pink drink is a lot of ice. 

First, add ice halfway up the glass. Then, pour in the coconut milk until it reaches the top of the ice. Add in more ice before slowly (key: slowly) pouring in your tea over the ice.

Garnish with a lime wedge, stick a straw in, and sip away!

This is the perfect drink just to treat yourself to something pretty, or to make for a group of friends that are sure to be impressed.

Ombré Pink Drink

Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen
This is a tasty DIY version of Starbucks’ new Ombré Pink Drink.
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  • Brew the passion tea according to the instructions on the box. It’s easier to make it the day before so it’s cold. Add stevia if you want to for some sweetness.
  • Stir together the coconut milk and lime juice (and stevia if desired.)
  • Fill your cup up halfway with ice. Pour coconut milk to the top of the ice.
  •  Fill the rest of the way with ice. Then, slowly pour the tea in over the ice.
  • Top with a lime wedge and sip away!


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