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Vegan Game Day Food (15+ Recipes!)

If you’re looking for vegan game day food, look no further. Here are a bunch of recipes to try!

Vegan Game Day Food – 15+ Recipes to Try!

We live in a pretty sports-obsessed culture (have you seen Trevor Noah’s standup on sports in America?! Hilarious.) Combine that with our obsession with delicious food, game days have become this huge social event shared with friends and family. And I’m not complaining!

I’ve compiled a list of amazingly yummy vegan game day food – from carrot dogs in a blanket, to pretzel bites, to stuffed mushrooms!

Enjoy these vegan recipes on Super Bowl Sunday or any football Sunday! Go NY Giants! 😉

Mini Vegan Carrot Dogs in a Blanket – Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen

Pigs in a blanket, move over – start rolling marinated baby carrots up in crescent rolls instead! These Mini Vegan Carrot Dogs in a Blanket are super fun and meat-eater approved!

Instant Pot Vegan Mac & Cheese – Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen

Cheesy and carb-y vegan mac and cheese made simple in the Instant Pot! Sometimes you just have to indulge, amiright?

Smashed Potato Vegan Nachos – Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen

These smashed potato vegan nachos are sure to be a hit! They are full of flavor and totally customizable with different toppings, like vegan sour cream, green onions, avocado, tomatoes, etc.

Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms – Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen

These healthy vegan stuffed mushrooms make for a fantastic appetizer. This recipe uses quinoa, pecans, sundried tomatoes, and vegan parm — YUM!

Loaded Taco Fries with Lime Crema – A Virtual Vegan

Loaded. Taco. Fries. Need I say more?! Actually – I have to tell you about the lime crema. It’s made from cashews so it’s super creamy and just takes loaded fries to the next level.

Grilled Eggplant Banh Mi Sliders – Strength and Sunshine

These vegan banh mi sliders use eggplant as the “meat” (which, according to Rebecca from Strength and Sunshine, is traditionally pork). Eggplant loves rejoice!

Vegan Buffalo Cheddar Cheese Ball – My Darling Vegan

This buffalo cheddar cheese ball is full of sweet, smoky, and spicy flavors and sure to be a hit! Plus, it is super simple to make. Can’t get much better than that!

Sweet & Salty Soft Pretzel Bites – Where You Get Your Protein

Vegan pretzel bites are one of my favorite appetizers! Pair them with maple mustard dip and you have a seriously delicious snack for you & your friends.

Chili Cheese Tater Tots – Cadry’s Kitchen

This is a super easy recipe using one of my favorite childhood foods: tater tots! The tots are smothered in homemade chili and cheese sauce.

Tofu Burger with Caramelised Onions and Dijonnaise – Broke Foodies

Tofu never looked better. Seriously. LOOK at that incredible tofu burger. I NEED IT. It’s topped with a homemade vegan dijonnaise that takes it to another dimension.

Vegan Pizza Snacks (Pizzadillas) – Cheftographer

How can you make quesadillas better? By stuffing in all of your favorite vegan pizza toppings, of course. The best part is that if you have guests, they can make their own pizzadillas. Super easy for the hostess, fun for everyone else.

BBQ Meatball Sliders – Two City Vegans

Vegan meatballs are so, so good on their own. Put ’em inside a homemade roll with some of your favorite BBQ sauce and your tastebuds will thank you.

Jackfruit Tacos (Vegan Pulled Pork Tacos) – The Edgy Veg

Jackfruit is a really awesome vegan alternative for shredded meat, especially pork. These tacos are topped with a spicy mango salsa and lime crema. SO tasty.

Barbecue Ranch Tempeh Burgers – The Mostly Vegan

The contract of smoky BBQ flavor of these tempeh burgers and the creamy ranch in the slaw is heavenly. If you’ve never had tempeh, it’s definitely worth a try.

Baked Vegan Taquitos – Cilantro and Citronella

Taquitos are a simple and fun appetizer – so easy for your guests to pick up and chow down while standing around the TV watching the final play before halftime. These taquitots by Cilantro & Citronella are full of sweet potato, black beans, and chipotle crema. Yummy!

Vegan Loaded Potato Skins – Green Evi

These loaded potato skins are stuffed with amazing flavors: capers, onions, chickpeas, and sun-dried tomatoes – and topped with chives and a tahini sauce.  Don’t they just LOOK mouthwatering?!

Pulled BBQ Carrots – Veganosity

Did you know carrots make for an amazing alternative to pulled pork?! Genius! Healthy, but super satisfying and BURSTING with flavor!

Do you have a favorite game day recipe/appetizer? Let me know in the comments!

Originally published January 2017. Updated January 2018. All photos used with permission.

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